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Actor Henry Cavill apologises after #MeToo rape backlash

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Superman actor Henry Cavill has apologised for claiming that the #MeToo movement has left him scared to date women for fear of being "called a rapist".

In a statement, Cavill addressed the "confusion and misunderstanding" over his GQ interview.

Henry Cavill

"Insensitivity was absolutely not my intention", he continued, confirming he holds women in "the highest regard".

The Jersey-born British actor made the outspoken comments during an interview with GQ Australia, as part of his promotional activities for Mission Impossible: Fallout.

When asked how #MeToo affected him, Cavill said that while society "had to change" regarding the treatment of women, the altered landscape has left him feeling unsure about "chasing a woman".

The comments sparked both empathy and anger online. Many were quick to attack Cavill for his "absurd" views, but a number of men echoed Cavill's sense of confusion.

Defending 'brilliant' Harvey Weinstein

Exclusive interview with lawyer Benjamin Brafman on his new client.
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Harvey Weinstein has plead not guilty to all charges and denies any accusations of non-consensual sex.