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    Video caption: Gym bodies: When is big enough too much?

    The battle for a bigger body is leading to depression says an expert - this is bigorexia.

  2. Black masculinity and language

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    Video caption: Jeffrey Boakye on the language of black masculinity in a post-colonial world.

    Writers Jeffrey Boakye & JJ Bola look at how language is used to define or constrain black male identity in a post-colonial world. If you're not a roadman or a baller, who are you?

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    Video caption: ‘Why I run with a car tyre on my back’

    Ben runs in the Peak District to boost his mental health after a suicide attempt two years ago.

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    Video caption: The Greatest Dancer judge on wanting to be a dancer when he was growing up in Texas.

    The Greatest Dancer judge Todrick Hall on wanting to be a dancer when he was growing up in Texas.

  5. From Korea to London: Men who wear makeup

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    Video caption: We explore the growing world of cosmetics for men and have a quick makeover

    So how big is the world of cosmetics for men? Sasha Twining meets Daniel Gray who set up his own company after dealing with his own body dysmorphia.

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    Video caption: Paternity leave: Why Japan is talking about Shinjiro Koizumi

    Shinjiro Koizumi is the first Japanese minister and MP to take paternity leave.

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    Video caption: Male rape survivor: 'I just wanted to die'

    Sam Thompson was raped by two men after getting separated from his girlfriend on a night out in Manchester.

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    Video caption: Men's Sheds: 'People can meet and enjoy each other's company'

    Belinda Gardiner sets up the Clydach Men's Shed after hearing about the worldwide scheme.

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    Video caption: Footballers talks mental health at Swansea sessions

    A group has been set up for footballers to talk about mental health issues.

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    Video caption: 'Football saved my life' after depression.

    The RammyMen group in Lancashire hopes to prevent men taking their own lives by giving them opportunities for socialising and sport.

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    Video caption: Men's Sheds: 'A man's shed is for absolutely anyone'

    Around 12,000 men are taking part in activities provided by the Irish Men’s Sheds Association on a daily basis.

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    Video caption: Why men are owning burlesque

    Meet the men whose lives have been changed by burlesque