Markus Birdman talks about his stroke in his comedy routine
Comedian Markus Birdman had a stroke at 40, and talks about the experience in his stand-up routine to raise awareness.
Lord Mayor opens Joe Lycett's new kitchen extension
It started as a joke but Joe Lycett convinced Yvonne Mosquito to open his home extension.

Is India a happy nation?

Why is India ranked as one of the world's least happy countries?
India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and yet, Indians don’t seem to be all that happy.

It is placed 140th out of 156 on a United Nations list that ranks countries on happiness. 

So, why the grim faces? Are Indians able to laugh at themselves or do they take themselves too seriously? 

We sit down in a swanky pub near Delhi with some of India’s top comedians and satirists and ask them what it’s like working as a comedian in India. Do they feel free to poke fun at sensitive issues around Indian society and politics, or are they concerned about how audiences might react?

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Aditi Mittal, stand-up comic; Akash Banerjee, political satirist; Rajneesh Kapoor, stand-up comic; Sweta Mantrii, stand-up comic