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    Video caption: The alcohol-free 'off-licence' helping with Dry January

    "You shouldn't focus on what it is that you're losing, but what you want to gain in your life."

  2. Kate Griffin describes her new Andover business, Wessex Spirits

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    Video caption: New Shoots is our look at the people and businesses making new and dynamic moves
  3. Alcohol Harm Debate

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    Video caption: The debate tabled by MP's Dan Carden and Derek Thomas on alcohol harm, from 25 November.

    The debate in the House of Commons tabled by Labour MP Dan Carden and Conservative MP Derek Thomas on alcohol harm, from Thursday 25 November.

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    Video caption: Sober Freedom: 'I have had to fill that void that alcohol left'

    A woman who struggled with alcohol addiction urges others in a similar situation to seek help.

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    Video caption: Shrewsbury family highlight danger of alcoholism in short film

    The family of a man who died from alcoholism now campaign to raise awareness of the addiction.