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Explorer has rival on Antarctic record bid

A soldier has discovered he has a rival as he attempts to become the first person to cross Antarctica solo and unaided.

Lou Rudd, from Herefordshire, set off on his record-breaking 1,000-mile journey on Monday, not knowing that 33-year-old Colin O'Brady from Washington was also attempting the same feat.

Lou Rudd

Captain Rudd's friend and fellow explorer Henry Worsley died after he tried to complete the journey. Ian Holdcroft, the co-founder of the Shackleton Company and a sponsor of Captain Rudd's expedition, says it is a "huge physical and mental challenge".

Doing it at one's own pace and managing fatigue levels and recovery is super-critical, so having somebody on the ice just behind you or just ahead of you, attempting the same world first does add quite an interesting dynamic."

Ian HoldcroftThe Shackleton Company

Soldier sets off on Antarctic trek

A Hereford soldier says he's feeling confident as he flies to Antarctica today, to attempt a world record.

Captain Lou Rudd is hoping to become the first person to cross the continent solo and unaided - a challenge which claimed the life of his friend and fellow explorer Henry Worsley two years ago.

Captain Rudd
British Army

He's been to Antarctica twice already, and says he's better prepared this time than ever before.

Capt Rudd skied across Greenland in May and completed his final test run in Iceland a month ago.