Stevenage pupil taking GCSEs using eye movement
Being unable to talk or write is not holding back Will from taking his GCSEs.

Should we scrap GCSEs?

A senior Tory MP says GCSEs are pointless and they should be abolished. Is he right?
The Conservative chairman of the Education Select Committee called GCSEs 'pointless' and said they should be abolished. David Aaronovitch asks if it is time for the exam system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be completely overhauled. 


Sandra Leaton Gray Associate Professor in Education at University College London’s Institute of Education
Laura McInerney, former editor of Schools Week and education writer
Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Sir Mike Tomlinson, former Chief Inspector for Ofsted
Lord Baker, former Education Secretary who brought in GCSEs
Peter Mandler, cultural historian at Cambridge University

Are GCSEs pointless?

Four teens give their response to comments made by a Conservative MP

Sean Coughlan

BBC News education and family correspondent

GCSEs should be scrapped and more vocational options offered, says education committee chairman.

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