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Council tax bump of 5% on budget amendments

Richard Whitehouse

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Increasing council tax rates, giving more money to children’s mental health services and more funding for school nurses and councillors are just some of the alternative budget proposals put forward by Cornwall councillors.

The full council is due to set the council’s budget for 2019/20 on Tuesday with a recommendation from the Liberal Democrat and Independent Cabinet that council tax increases by 3.99%.

But four alternative budget proposals have been tabled ahead of the meeting by Labour and Conservative councillors.

Cornwall Council hall
Cornwall Council
  • The first amendment from Labour councillors Cornelius Olivier and Stephen Barnes calls for council tax rates to be increased by 4.99%
  • The second from Conservative councillors Linda Taylor and David Harris calls for £2m to be removed from the budget for funding additional borrowing and instead using it for children’s mental health services and the countryside access team
  • The same councillors are behind the third alternative budget which would take £600,000 allocated for the support and enablement of the Cornwall Investment Programme and use it for children’s mental health services in schools and the countryside access team
  • A fourth from Labour councillors Jayne Kirkham and Dorothy Kirk calls for an extra £525,000 being given for children’s mental health provision in 2019/20 - rising to £1m in 2020/21

Cornwall Council to vote on empty home council tax hike

Richard Whitehouse

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Cornwall Council could be set to adopt new powers which will allow it to quadruple council tax for owners of homes left empty for more than 10 years.

The proposal is due to go before the council's cabinet next week.

Since 2013 the council has been able to charge homeowners who have left properties empty - unoccupied and unfurnished - for two years or more an extra 50% on their council tax.

Empty home

Now the Government has introduced new legislation, coming into force from April, that will allow councils to charge a 100% premium of council tax on properties which have been left empty for two years or more.

From April 2020 councils will be able to charge a 200% premium - effectively tripling council tax bills - for properties that have been left unoccupied for at least five years and from April 2021 local authorities can impose a 300% premium for properties left empty for 10 years or more.

Cornwall Council declares 'climate emergency'

Tamsin Melville

Political Reporter, BBC Radio Cornwall

The government is being asked to do more to help after Cornwall Council declared a "climate emergency".

The authority has set a target for the county to be carbon neutral by 2030 and will be looking at all the ways it can help reduce emissions.

Supporting renewable energy, improving public transport and reducing waste are all on the agenda.

Cornwall Council is the largest rural authority to make the move.

Climate scientist at the University of Exeter, Dr Stephan Harrison, said governments were not doing as much as they should be.

Stadium delay caused by lack of business case

Richard Whitehouse

Local Democracy Reporting Service

The Government has said that a delay in deciding whether it will provide funding for the Stadium for Cornwall is down to it waiting for a finished business case for the project.

Minister for Sport Mims Davies has written to Cornwall Council stating that the Government is supportive of the scheme but says it still needs a “final business case”.

The Stadium for Cornwall, which would provide a home for Cornish Pirates as well as Truro City Football Club and facilities for Truro and Penwith College, is set to be built on land near Threemilestone.

Stadium for Cornwall
Cornwall Council

Partners in the £14.6m project asked Cornwall Council last year to help provide the final £6m needed to get work underway. The council agreed to provide £3m but only if it was matched by the government.

However, since Cornwall agreed to provide the money in April 2018 there have been concerns about the delay in getting funding from the Government.

Snow on the beach

Amy Gladwell

BBC News Online

Snow is covering Tolcarne beach in Newquay.

This picture has been shared by Cornwall Council.

Tolcarne beach
Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council could have overpaid by millions

Richard Whitehouse

Local Democracy Reporting Service

A councillor has called for an urgent review of Cornwall Council's care payments system after suggesting that the council could have overpaid millions of pounds.

Alarm bells started ringing for Cllr David Harris, a member of the council's audit committee, after a highly critical report on the direct payments system was published.

This stated that the council's own internal auditors had "no assurance that the control arrangements in place were adequate and operating properly".

Of "significant concern" was that 1,080 recipients of direct care payments - 71% of the total - who receive £21.5m annually, had not had any review since inception, some of them dating back to 2014.

Because of a "failure" to carry out six monthly or yearly reviews the auditors said the council is "not meeting its statutory obligations".

Cllr Harris said the overpayments could total as much as £3m.


Council agrees on 33% Tamar tolls increase

Andrew Segal

BBC South West

Cornwall Council has agreed to apply to the Department for Transport (DfT) to increase tolls on the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry by 33%.

If approved, it would see tolls for cars increasing from £1.50 to £2.

A report to the council’s cabinet last year stated the increase was needed because the bridge had been operating at a deficit.

It added that expenditure had exceeded income and, as a result, reserves were said to be “depleted”.The report also stated that the level of traffic had also grown relatively slowly and, as a result, so had income.

However, councillors are also to request that the DfT "helps fund the bridge and ferry in the future".

Members also agreed to ask the crossings' joint managing committee from Cornwall and Plymouth city councils to investigate the feasibility of increasing discounts for regular users who have electronic discount tags.

Tamar Bridge

Council supports 'Cornish' tick box on next census

Andrew Segal

BBC South West

Cornwall Council has backed a motion for a Cornish tick box on the next UK census.

The move is to put further pressure on Westminster to allow Cornish people to tick a box similar to the Welsh or Irish.

The council said that "members supported a motion that calls on the government and ONS [Office for National Statistics] to rethink the content of the census White Paper and bring forward plans for a Cornish tick box on the 2021 census".

Cornish people were granted minority status within the UK in 2014 under European rules for the protection of national minorities.

Cornwall flag

Census Cornish nationality box plans 'need to move on'

BBC Radio Cornwall

A decision to back or reject a Cornish tick box on the next census could be made by Cornwall Council later.

If it is approved, it will require further consideration in Westminster, but it could lead to Cornish people being able to tick a box similar to the Welsh or Irish.

The change could come on the next census in two years' time but only with further approval from the government.

Cornish people were granted minority status within the UK in 2014 under European rules for the protection of national minorities.

Councillor Jesse Foot, who is backing the campaign, said it had been five years since Cornwall was granted minority status and, since then, nothing had really moved on...