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Latest Updates

Cornwall tips due to open next Tuesday

Richard Whitehouse

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Tips will reopen to the public in Cornwall next Tuesday – but the days people can go will be determined by their car registration number.

Cornwall Council closed the Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) during the coronavirus crisis as it was concerned they could not operate and follow social distancing guidelines.

The centres also attracted large numbers of people at the start of the lockdown as many took advantage of the extra time and good weather to sort gardens and DIY. This led to long queues of traffic at the centres which struggled to cope with extra demand.

Cornwall waste site

The council has set up a system that limits when people can visit their local tip.

This is based on car registration numbers – if the last number on a number plate is odd then that driver can only visit on a date which is an odd number and even-numbered registraions can only go on even dates.

The council has said the tips should only be used for "essential" waste, stating that was waste which was at risk of causing injury or fire.

The council has also said that not all HWRCs were to open, with Tintagel, Saltash and Dudnance Lane all remaining closed.

Kerbside rubbish, recycling, garden and bulky waste collection services were all running as normal, the council said, advising people to check first to see if they dispose of their waste by one of these services before going to an HWRC.

'Open recycling centres now' says Cornwall councillor

BBC Radio Cornwall

Cornwall's household waste and recycling centres should be opened immediately says a Cornwall councillor.

Waste site sign
Getty Images

Last week Cornwall Council said it was working to reopen the centres "in the next fortnight" but was seeking reassurance from the government that trips to the tip will be acceptable during lockdown.

Cornwall Councillor Olly Monks said: "Many people throughout the county have large amounts of waste that needs to be taken to our recycling centres now.

"The reopening of recycling centres is already essential, already taking place throughout the country and already overdue in Cornwall."

Cornwall Council gets more government funding

BBC Radio Cornwall

The government's announced a second round of emergency funding for councils across England to spend on vital services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cornwall Council is to get a further £16.3m which is down from the first round of funding in March when it got just over £18m.

Ministers say the latest tranche of emergency coronavirus funding for councils in England is allocated "in the fairest way possible".

Council 'should be held to scrutiny'

Miles Davis

BBC News Online

The leader of the Conservative group at Cornwall Council is calling for meetings that have been cancelled because of the coronavirus crisis to be resumed in some form.

Cornwall Council has cancelled all council meetings at County Hall since 13 March.

Meetings cancelled
Cornwall Council

Councillor Linda Taylor said senior officers at the council had "serious questions to answer" following the resignation of cabinet member Bob Egerton who claimed an investigation into a worker's injury was badly mishandled.

Mrs Taylor said: "Cornwall is already currently going through an unprecedented crisis and with a cabinet member now resigning because of incredibly serious allegations, holding meetings and allowing councillors the chance to both govern and be held to scrutiny has never been more important."

Cornwall Council did not respond to a request for comment.