Why did the geese cross the road?

Builders who helped a family of geese cross the road in Manchester have been praised as "unsung heroes".

The Comedy Store captured the workers stopping traffic on Deansgate to guide two Canada geese and their goslings safely across the road.

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Meet Michael Quetting a.k.a. Papa Goose

How scientist Michael Quetting became a father to 7 goslings
It’s very difficult to get accurate information about the weather. You can measure what’s going on on the ground – but what about up high up in the sky? In 2015 researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany decided to do an experiment with geese. They wanted to fit little match-box-sized data collectors onto their backs, and see how much information they could get. But to do it they had to find a volunteer who could fly a microlight to go up with the geese and was prepared to raise those geese from chicks. Michael Quetting agreed, not knowing how much the experience would change him. (Photo courtesy of Michael Quetting.)

Goslings suffer 'carnage' in Lincolnshire village

A resident in a village near Sleaford is urging drivers to "slow down for the geese" after seeing a family of geese and their young goslings mowed down by a car.

geese and goslings

Hundreds of the birds are breeding near the roadside in Wilsford, just as cars begin to accelerate after leaving the 30mph zone.

Sandra Pygott says she encountered a scene of "absolute carnage" after a couple of geese and their goslings were killed by a car.

She says she's working on a sign to warn people about the unusually large number of birds near the main road.

I've never known as many as there are this year, there are hundreds... I had to slow down, there were very distressed looking couple of parents with all their goslings trying to cross the road. It just broke my heart because there are going to be more that are killed."

Sandra PygottResident

Royal Cornwall Show: Rare beauties

Amy Gladwell

BBC News Online

Some feathered or furry fellas in the rare breeds tent are attracting some attention.

These African geese in fact originated in south east China and many were then imported to the UK from the USA, apparently.

These ones now live in Lower Carnkie, Redruth.

African geese

These very cute British Saddleback pigs from Morvah are a “hardy breed”, we are told.

British Saddleback pigs