'She was drinking so much she had lost the use of her limbs'

Robert Thornberry on his sister-in-law's alcohol related death
Robert Thornberry talks to Catherine Morrison about his 56 year old sister-in-law Anna's alcohol related death. He's calling for warning labels on bottles of alcohol and for cheap drink to be banned.
'I'd have my first line after breakfast,' said rehab patient
A rehabilitation centre is 60% full, with no referrals from Swansea or Cardiff.

The Monster Downstairs

Life for the child of an alcoholic can be lonely. Camilla Tominey hears their stories.
Life for the child of an alcoholic can be lonely, locked inside a house of secrets. 

A code of silence means they don't want to talk to friends, or neighbours, or even their brothers and sisters.  

Journalist Camilla Tominey, whose mother was an alcoholic, hears their stories.

Since having her own children, Camilla has longed to travel back in time and ask her, mother to mother: "What made you start drinking before noon?" Here, she and her two brothers sit down for the first time in twenty years to talk about their memories. 

Alcoholism is by no means a one-size fits all experience. It cuts across class lines and manifests itself in many different forms. We hear stories from people across Britain. How have they been changed by their experience and what has helped get them through? 

The Monster Downstairs features intimate, wrenching stories - of young people and adults - as they talk about an unpredictable existence.

Producer: Caitlin Smith
How running helped me beat my drug addiction
Ronnie is a former addict who has used running as a tool to help him towards recovery.