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Right Plant, Right Place

Andy McIndoe chats to Rebecca about planting choices this time of year.

A Guide to Hellebores

Mark Pitman chats to Rebecca about the wonder of the winter-flowering Hellebore.
RHS Salford garden revamp transforming lives as well as landscapes
A man who survived a stroke is among volunteers helping to rejuvenate the grounds of Worsley New Hall.

Gardeners' Questions at Hedge End Horticultural Society

A recording of Gardeners' Questions at Hedge End Horticultural Society.

Christmas tree tips

Some tips on looking after your tree this Christmas from Gardeners’ Corner.

My shed: 'It's nice to come down here and have some solitude'

Why a shed can be a valuable place of solitude
Gary has a shed on an allotment in south west London. Presenter Nastaran Tavkoli Far pays a visit to find out what Gary does when he's there and discovers that sheds aren't just a place to keep the lawnmower - they can offer some valuable solitude. 

Photo: Gary outside his shed on his allotment Credit: BBC

Gardeners' Questions in Portchester

A recording of Gardeners' Questions at The Wessex Orchid Society in Portchester.