Choreographer Dada Masilo: 'It's too dangerous to take work on tour in Africa'
Dada Masilo is the 34-year-old choreographer putting a controversial twist on ballet's classics.

Angelin Preljocaj and his love for ballet

Angelin Preljocaj speaks of the inspiration for his love of ballet
One of France's top contemporary choreographers, Angelin Preljocaj, says that his love of ballet started with a photo of the great Rudolph Nureyev.  A new work choreographed by him was performed by his troupe, Ballet Prejlocaj, and it premiered in London this week.  Julian Worricker has been speaking to Angelin Preljocaj about how he was inspired by a Chinese fairy tale.

(Image: Cheveux Filles, Credit: Jean-Claude Carbonne)
The Dance Theatre of Harlem launched in 1969
The Dance Theatre of Harlem launched in 1969
Creating Peter and the Wolf puppets for the Hollywood Bowl
Puppet company Blind Summit is preparing for its biggest gig since the London Olympics.

Bolshoi ballet: Daria Khokhlova on performing at the Royal Opera House

Daria Khochlova dances the role of Zina in The Bright Stream at the Royal Opera House
The Bolshoi Ballet returns to London's Royal Opera House this summer for a series of performances.

Daria Khokhlova plays the role of Zina in The Bright Stream - a comic ballet about life on a Soviet collective farm with music by Shostakovich. The humour wasn't appreciated by Stalin and the piece was banned with one of its creators being sent to a gulag.  

Ms Khokhlova told BBC Radio 4's Today programme what it was like to perform the ballet in the UK.
these classes aim to encourage any adult of any ability to do ballet
Ballet classes are being run for adults who did not get the chance to dance when they were younger.