Unesco World Heritage sites

  1. Base jumper defends Easter Sunday stunt at Durdle Door

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    Video caption: Calum from Wiltshire and a colleague parachuted from stone arch in front of a packed beach
  2. Mystery as 750 pelicans found dead in Senegal

    A great white pelican in Senegal
    Image caption: Djoudj bird sanctuary is a Unesco World Heritage site

    A world heritage site in northern Senegal that welcomes millions of migratory birds every year is now closed to visitors until further notice, after 750 pelicans were found dead.

    The dead birds were found at the weekend and were incinerated as a precaution, Reuters news agency reports

    "We took some samples for screening and we hope in the near future to know what caused the death of the pelicans," said Bocar Thiam, the director of Senegal’s parks.

    Results are expected by the end of the week, reports RFI.

    "You don't hear of avian flu affecting fish-eating birds," Mr Thiam told the French-language broadcaster, apparently ruling out one suspected cause.

    Some 100,000 chickens have been culled this month following an outbreak of bird flu at a poultry farm in southern Senegal.

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    Video caption: Korean lantern festival gets Unesco heritage honours

    South Korea's celebration to mark Buddha's birthday is now an Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  4. Dogs will not be allowed off a lead on Lyme Regis beach in winter months

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    Video caption: New rules as Dorset Council harmonise 'doggy doo doos' and 'doggy don't doos'.
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    Video caption: Lulworth Rangers criticise Durdle Door jet suit stunt

    Rangers at the Durdle Door beauty spot have criticised a stunt that saw a man wearing a jet suit fly through the arch.

  6. UN pledges to help Mali rebuild heritage sites damaged in conflict

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    Video caption: Unesco's $1 million fund will help restore the Cliff of Bandiagra

    Unesco's $1 million fund will help restore the Cliff of Bandiagra - famous for its homes carved into the rock.