'The reality is worse than the photograph'

David Hamilton climbed Everest the day three people died of exhaustion
Three climbers have died of exhaustion on Mount Everest. 

People were queuing near the summit, despite calls to limit the number of climbing permits given out.

David Hamilton reached the top with his team. He says he's somewhere in the picture.

(Photo: Hundreds queuing to climb/descend the summit of Everest. Credit: AFP Photo/ Project Possible)
Mountaineers climb artwork in Birmingham underpass
The "forgotten" Brutalist murals beneath a flyover could become a magnet for climbers.

Cumbria's climbers shocked as Wasdale hut burns down

A climbing hut at Wasdale Head owned by the Fell and Rock, the oldest climbing association in the North of England, has been destroyed by fire.

Ruins of climbers' hut

The hut, at Brackenclose, at the foot of England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike, was a base for those visiting the Lake District.

The club has 1,100 members, including some of the best known mountaineers in the world.

Firefighters from Whitehaven, Seascale and Egremont were called to the remote building in the small hours of last Friday morning and spent nearly three hours dealing with the blaze, the cause of which has not been made public so far.

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Photo of Mount Everest

Ben Butcher

BBC Reality Check

As its glaciers melt, they reveal the bodies of those who have perished on the mountain - but how deadly is Mount Everest?

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