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MPs demand assurances on Hong Kong

Suspending the extradition bill isn't enough - MPs
Hong Kong's leader, Carrie Lam, has apologised for an extradition bill that triggered mass protests.  

She's acknowledged that the bill is now unlikely to pass.  

But in the Commons, MPs said the legislation must be withdrawn for good. 

Mandy Baker reports.

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Office of Bishop Auckland Remain MP Helen Goodman attacked

BBC Tees

The windows of a County Durham Remain-supporting MP's office have been smashed in what is believed to be a Brexit-related attack.

Labour's Helen Goodman, who sits in Bishop Auckland, says the damage was caused on Saturday night.

She has branded it "unjustified and yobbish behaviour".

The building has now been now been boarded up.

Durham Police said it had been made aware of the incident.

Bishop Auckland Labour town councillor Jack Cullen posted images of the damage on social media and condemned the level of "hatred in politics" over Brexit.

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School funding raised by Durham MP

House of Commons


Bishop Auckland MP had the first question at this morning's Prime Minister's Questions.

The Labour MP says the PM promised no school would see a cut in its budget - but, she says, schools are facing cuts, including those in her constituency which are seeing cuts of up to £1,000 a child.

Theresa May says the government is making extra money available for schools, including some of the worst funded in the country.

Pregnant County Durham woman 'forced to eat mashed potato after being sacked'

A pregnant County Durham woman ate nothing but mashed potato for three weeks after she was sacked by a rogue "pop-up" firm on Facebook and didn't receive her outstanding pay, an MP claims.

Bishop Auckland Labour MP Helen Goodman has been raising the issue in Parliament.

Helen Goodman MP
The Labour Party

She's described the unnamed firm as "a catalogue of disaster" and is calling for the Department for Work and Pensions to take legal action.

She told BBC Tees breakfast of five instances where the company had mistreated employees:

She said: "First of all he required that they work sometimes for up to a month on so called trial periods without being paid at all.

"Secondly most of them had been paid under the minimum wage.

"Thirdly he’d taken more money than he should have and claimed he was giving it to HMRC.

"Fourthly as I say he’d sacked them without paying their outstanding money and fifthly they had been working in a building which we know was condemned and unfit for people to be in which was dangerous."