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China-US trade talks key market focus

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping
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Neil Wilson, chief market analyst, at, says the meeting between Donald Trump and China's Xi Jinping at the G20 is "front and centre".

"Markets are thirsty for some positive language on trade, but neither side seems prepared to give much ground. Larry Kudlow has been talking up tariffs again, saying Trump has agreed to no preconditions ahead of the meeting and that the additional $300bn in tariffs remains on the table.

"Expectations are being managed though, so I would think that for Trump and Xi to agree to delay the additional tariffs and for detailed talks to resume would be sufficient to leave investors happy that things are moving, albeit simply kicking the can down the road a little longer so it's closer to the 2020 White House election for Trump. Maybe something on China agreeing to buy more US goods too," he said.

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