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The house that seeks the sun

The stunning solar powered home inspired by a sunflower
The solar-powered cooker that uses palm kernel shells instead of charcoal
The solar-powered cooker that uses an alternative to charcoal.

Energy minister gives cool response to Carlisle MP

The Cumbrian MP John Stevenson has had a discouraging response to the idea that all newly-built properties should be fitted with solar panels.

The Conservative MP for Carlisle told the Commons it would help make our homes more environmentally friendly, but the energy minister Claire Perry warned against token measures.

The Prime Minister, when she launched her her buildings mission earlier this year did target overall energy use as the measure we want to see, we want to halve the energy consumption of all new buildings by 2030."

Claire PerryEnergy minister

Guernsey utilities share installing solar array

Andrew Segal

BBC South West

Solar panels are to be installed on Guernsey Post's headquarters in what is described as the largest solar array in the Channel Islands, the postal service and Guernsey Electricity say.

The organisations said the array, capable of producing about 200,000 kWh of electricity a year, would help them both "reach significant milestones in their ambitions for the generation and use of renewable energy".

Guernsey Post added that the array would "generate the equivalent amount of energy required to power Guernsey Post’s entire fleet of vehicles, at a time when the company is making significant strides towards conversion to a fully electric fleet".

Guernsey Post plans to have 40 electric vehicles in its delivery fleet by the end of 2018, with a commitment to increase this to 80 by mid-2019.

Subject to planning approvals, and after a tender process, it is hoped the array would be installed in the first half of 2019, the organisations said.

Guernsey Post
India's solar power ambitions
India has big solar ambitions, but could recent policy uncertainties cast a shadow on its plans?