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MP tributes to 'inspiring campaigner' Harry Leslie Smith

Tributes have been paid by West Midlands Labour MPs to the former World War Two veteran and left-wing activist Harry Leslie Smith, who's died.

Harry Leslie Smith

The 95-year-old Barnsley-born campaigner suffered suspected pneumonia while with his son John in Ontario, Canada.

Labour deputy leader and West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson said "the world is a far better place for his life".

Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western called him a great man and an inspiration while Eleanor Smith, who represents Wolverhampton South East, tweeted he was "an amazing and inspiring campaigner".

The Tom Watson One

Nick Robinson talks to Labour deputy leader Tom Watson.
Labour's Deputy Leader on how losing weight has lifted his 'brain fog', his fears when confronting Rupert Murdoch, and how he could now be 'taken out' by a former friend.

This is an edited version of a conversation recorded earlier this year for the Radio 4 podcast, Political Thinking with Nick Robinson. Episodes of the podcast can be downloaded from

Producer: Peter Snowdon
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