Body image

'My periods stopped when I was bodybuilding'

'Obsessed by weight and body image'

A former body builder has spoken about how she became obsessed by her weight and body image.

Jemma Arscott said a lot of her motivation for training came from social media but admitted she'd overdone the training to the detriment of her mental, and physical health.

She now calls out others for posting unrealistic images on social media. If you’ve been affected by a mental health issue, help and support is available.

Visit BBC Action Line for more information about the content we are running throughout Mental Health Awareness Week and various support services.

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As a major fashion company announces it'll no longer use models under 18, we discuss how young is too young.

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Photos depict 'unique beauty' as part of body image event

Emilie Giotti

Photos capturing people who have struggled with their body image and learned body confidence will go on show in Bristol later.

The exhibition 'One of a Kind' by Bath artist Emilie Giotti forms part of a two-day event at Illustrate in Park Street, Bristol.

It features Lana who abandoned shaving after a life of being shamed for her body hair.

There will also be talks and a panel discussion on mental health, self-care and body image.

On Thursday people can attend a Make for Mental Health event with different artists teaching their skills.

There will be talks by Blué O'Connor, founder of Kings and 'Talk Club', Lucy, founder of the Vegan Mellanhand who will talk about the importance of self-care in a busy world, Becky from the Anti Diet Riot Club, and Zac from Empire Fighting Chance talking about the life- changing spinal injury which left him paralysed.

100% of the proceeds are going to Off The Record Bristol, a charity working to improve mental health in young people.

'We need to step away from diet thinking'

Speaking after the UWE conference on body image, mindful eating coach, Lisa Beasley applauded the panellists for opening up the debate on body image.

Lisa, who is from Bristol and counsels people on body image and their relationships with food, said: "Diet thinking and diet culture destroys lives.

"The quest to become smaller versions of ourselves, due in part to the unattainable images we see on a daily basis contributes to low self- esteem, depression, anxiety, and people putting their lives on hold until they reach the weight they want to be.

"Body dissatisfaction starts very young, often as early as six with children commenting on worries around ‘being’ or ‘getting fat’ and it carries on throughout our adult life.

Woman on scales
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We need to take the focus off weight and into well-being- which includes mental health and looking at people’s relationship with food and themselves."

Lisa BeasleyMindful Eating coach

False goals are set by social media

UWE student Aliya Douglas feels too much pressure is put on women to look a particular way.

She was speaking after the conference on body image at the university's business centre in Frenchay.

Student Aliya Douglas feels too much pressure is put on women to look a particular way