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Strawberry fields could be forever in business

The tropical heat of Singapore makes it a great place for fruits like durian and mangosteens, but how about strawberries?

They're usually grown in the temperate climates, and so Singapore has been forced to import them.

That's until one company in the city state decided to grow them in an indoor farm.

A poem took me from Singapore to Buckingham Palace

Janine Shum’s poem made her a winner of an international essay writing competition
Janine Shum is a winner of the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition. Her poem was so exceptional that she was invited to receive the prize at Buckingham Palace.

Image: Janine Shum in Buckingham Palace
Credit: BBC

FBI accuses trader of laundering money for North Korea

FBI notice on Tan Wee Beng

A Singaporean trader wanted by the FBI for allegedly helping North Korean entities evade US sanctions has flatly denied "all charges" against him.

Tan Wee Beng told the BBC that he had only learned of criminal charges against him via news reports.

"Nobody has contacted me. The FBI has not called me, the Singapore police have not called me," he said.

US Federal Prosecutor Geoffrey Barman on Thursday called Mr Tan "a fugitive from American justice".

Mr Tan also disputed claims by the FBI that he was "at large". A request for comment has been sent to Singapore police.