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Singapore's largest bank evacuates hundreds after coronavirus case

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About 300 employees of Singapore's largest bank have been evacuated after an employee was confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus.

The DBS Bank workers were evacuated from an office in the central business district as a precautionary measure and contact tracing is being done to verify who had been exposed to the affected employee.

"The employee was tested on 11 February and the bank was informed of the confirmation this morning," DBS said in a statement.

"During this difficult time, the bank will be providing this employee and his family with every support and guidance,"

The common areas of the building such as lifts and toilets are being deep cleaned and disinfected and care packs with thermometers, masks and hand sanitizers were distributed to those affected.

Coronavirus leads to 'muted' Singapore air show

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The Singapore Airshow has gone ahead this week despite major companies pulling out due to coronavirus fears.

"About 70 of participants have pulled out including Lockheed Martin - the world's biggest defence contractor - which is an indication of just how seriously companies are taking this," Monica Miller, the BBC's Asia business reporter, told Wake up to Money.

But she adds that there is "tremendous value" in the networking opportunities provided by the event, which is why the Singapore government decided to go ahead with it.

"This one feels muted or deflated. Last year it was packed with lots of people in the aisles and plenty of planes but today there's a lot of empty spaces and just not as many people."