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    Video caption: 'Flying fish' restock US lakes

    Wildlife authorities in Utah have restocked lakes with fish by dropping them out of a plane.

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    Video caption: 'Ice fisherman' catches fish on BBC News

    Alex Peric was making the most of the freezing temperatures by ice fishing outside his Texas apartment.

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    Video caption: Joanna Lumley on weapons clearances in sea, dolphins and fish

    Blowing up war-time munitions in the sea has a “catastrophic effect” on dolphins and fish, says actor Joanna Lumley.

  4. Conquest of the Waters

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    Video caption: David Attenborough looks at some of the 30,000 species of fish.

    The story of life from the first primitive cells to the plants and animals that live around us. David Attenborough looks at some of the 30,000 fish species.

  5. Fish

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    Video caption: A look at various fish species including sea dragon, fringehead and Hawaiian goby.

    Nature documentary looking at the fish that dominate the planet's waters through their variety of shapes and behaviours, some like creatures from a fairytale.