1. Africa Eye: The Baby Stealers: A Mother’s Story

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    Video caption: A mother and her baby trapped between poverty and the child traffickers.
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    Video caption: Why are energy prices soaring?

    The perfect storm of long and short-term factors driving the energy crunch.

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    Video caption: Marcus Rashford: Receiving honorary degree is bittersweet

    The Manchester United player speaks exclusively to the BBC after receiving an honorary doctorate.

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    Video caption: Starmer: 'The government is turning on the poorest'

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer criticises the decision to end the £20 top-up to universal credit.

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    Video caption: Marcus Rashford: Child poverty may rise as Universal Credit top-up ends

    Marcus Rashford has said receiving an honorary doctorate for his work to tackle child poverty was "bittersweet" as it came as the £20 uplift to universal credit ended.

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    Video caption: How climate change is making inequality worse, especially for children

    Children will face up to three times as many extreme climate events as their grandparents, research suggests.