Sheesiders: The 'ultimate girl group' for Middlesbrough
Two friends set up a "girl group" to save women from "toxic friendships" and loneliness in Middlesbrough.
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Katherine Sellgren

BBC News education reporter

Loneliness is as much an issue in urban areas as rural ones and in wealthy areas as much as deprived ones, a study says.

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The motorised fridges delivering friendship and yoghurt to Koreans
Thousands of motorised fridges are driven around South Korea, providing yoghurt and companionship for isolated people.
Loneliness: 'Take friendships more seriously'
Comedian Carys Eleri says people need to interact face to face with their friends to combat loneliness.

Online map aims to tackle loneliness

Local Democracy Reporting Service

David Irwin

An online map's being used by a council to try and help thousands of people who struggle with being lonely.

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Solihull Council says it estimates there are about 4,000 people in its area aged over 65 who are intensely lonely and another 9,000 who are mildly lonely.

The government launched its first loneliness strategy last autumn, in response to worries about an "epidemic of loneliness" and its impact on people's health.

In Solihull, the local authority says the online map will allow people to search for groups and events near them to try and help them reconnect with communities.

It adds that the tool will also be used by council workers and GPs to help residents who aren't online.