Carwyn Jones

  1. 'Fundamental rethink' needed

    Former Welsh Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones said: “There will now need to be a fundamental rethink, not just of the future direction of the Labour Party but also the way that the centre-left operates in Wales.

    He told the Leaders' Lounge Live on BBC Radio Wales: “We saw it in ’83 where you had the vote of the centre-right united around one party particularly and then the rest of the vote fragmented.

    “I think there are lessons there for us all as well, in terms of how we deal with how we possibly work together in the future.”

    Carwyn Jones
    Image caption: Carwyn Jones AM gives his view on the results
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    Video caption: Senedd: A new name for the National Assembly?

    What's in a name? BBC Wales asks people what they think the name for the National Assembly should be.