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Can winning the lottery ruin your life?

Britain's youngest Euromillions winner reportedly wants to sue the people who run the lottery for ruining her life with her big win. Jane Park, who was only 17 when she won, says the age you can play needs to go up to 18.

Should under 18s be allowed to play the lottery?

Cheap clothes at a price: Exploitation of Syrian refugee children revealed

Syrian refugee children have been making clothes in factories for British shoppers. The BBC's Panorama investigated and found they had been working on clothes in Turkey for Marks and Spencer and Asos. 

Both companies say they do not tolerate the exploitation of refugees or children. Do you care who makes your clothes or is it just about getting the latest styles cheaply?

Are you bothered who makes your clothes?

Should the UK introduce drug consumption rooms?

Drugs map
In parts of the UK, public drug taking is becoming a serious issue. Aside from the needles and cookers often left in plain view, it can be the root of anti-social behaviour - and those with nowhere else to go risk infection from unsterilised equipment. With nurses, sterile needles and further support services, drug consumption rooms are being touted by some as a solution. After France has recently opened its first drug consumption room and it emerged that two British police forces are allegedly no longer arresting drugs users, are we ceasing to see drug use as a criminal issue, and more of a health problem? You can watch Watch Drugs Map of Britain: Swansea - Injecting Gone Wrong on BBC iPlayer.

Flying pigs, tennis balls and sit-in protests: 7 tales of football fan power

Charlton fans protest on the pitch after the Sky Bet Championship match between Charlton Athletic and Burnley on May 7, 2016
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In years to come, football fans won’t be looking back at Saturday, 15 October 2016 as the day Chelsea stuck three past the defending champions, Leicester. They won’t be discussing how Bournemouth managed to score six against Hull. No, the story people will be regaling to their grandchildren will be the day thousands of plastic pigs were thrown onto the pitch bringing a halt to the Charlton Athletic Vs Coventry City game.

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The supporters for both clubs came together to display their frustration against the two League One teams’ owners. They are both unhappy with the way their clubs are being run and are desperate for a resolution. 

So, after a joint protest down the street, they followed it up with an act of defiance. Flying oinkers were launched in the first minute of the game. It made the headlines and rightly so, the footage was spectacular. There’s something special about seeing pink pigs pouring down. 

So what other acts of fan power are headline worthy? 

Coventry City fans protest
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Charlton and Coventry. Again.

‘Piggate’ wasn’t the first time the two teams have shown their displeasure at their owners. In April, when playing Birmingham City the Southeast London team, brought the game to a halt when throwing hundreds of stress balls onto the pitch. 

Meanwhile, when Coventry temporarily moved to Northampton’s Sixfields ground for the 2013/14 season the fans were furious. It came about due to a long-running row over rent between the company in charge of The Rioch and the owners of the club. Fans showed their displeasure by turning up to away games in their thousands but refusing to go to ‘home’ games. Often fans travelled to the game, to protest outside of it and then walk to the nearby Jimmy’s Hill and watch the match from there.

Roger Federer
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Anyone for tennis? 

Fans of Swiss team FC Basel were furious. Train tickets had been booked, perhaps even time off work had been taken, only for outraged fans to discover their table topping clash against FC Luzern was postponed due to the tennis.

Ironically, Basel fan Roger Federer playing Novak Djokovic was deemed a priority on the TV so the football game was swiftly moved. So in fitting fashion, when the game eventually kicked-off, fans showered the pitch with thousands of tennis balls. Stopping the game for 40 minutes. ‘Love 40’ the Basel fans probably said.

RB Leipzig protest
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Take the bull by the horns

You might not have heard of SSV Markranstadt, a little-heard-of club plugging away in the fifth division of the German leagues. But in May 2009, everything changed. 

One of the first things to change was the club’s name: they became RB Leipzig, with a new kit, a new crest, and most importantly, a vastly increased transfer budget. The source of this largesse? The energy drinks company Red Bull. 

Fast-forward seven years and millions of euros in new players, and RB Leipzig are now in the Bundesliga. But fans of rival clubs are not happy with what they see as rampant commercialisation of their beloved sport – and over the years of RB Leipzig’s ascent, these fans have certainly made their displeasure known. 

Early protests included Red Bull adverts being defaced and even weed killer used to destroy the pitch. When RB were in the second division, a ‘No to RB’ movement was started, and over 180 supporter groups and 29 clubs are members. 

The club suffers most at away matches. In one infamous match in 2014, Berlin home supporters wore black ponchos and were eerily silent for the first 15 minutes of the game, holding aloft a banner saying ‘In Leipzig, the football culture is dying’. In other matches, whole stands of opposition fans have remained outside the stadium for some of the game, or even refused to attend at all. 

Violence has been rare, but the RB bus was once pelted with bottles and the players required police escort to avoid the anger of fans who were spitting and throwing beer cups onto the pitching. The most striking moment in the upheaval came just this year, when Dynamo Dresden fans threw a severed bull’s head at the RB Leipzig contingent – a very visual icon of the fury felt by some at Red Bull’s actions.

Airplane banner
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Blackpool on the rocks   

The relationship between Blackpool fans and the club's owners (the Oystons) has become somewhat of an unhappy marriage. There have been one or two legal cases (oh ok there may have been more), and chairman Karl Oyston was fined and banned from football activity for six weeks for sending abusive texts to a fan

Why the hate? The fans believe there hasn’t been enough investment into the club and team. They have made their feelings towards their owners clear in other ways too. 

In a game against rivals Burnley (back in April 2014) they launched tennis balls and tangerines onto the pitch – the fruit also happening to be the club's nickname. 

They’ve also had numerous protests, including an airplane banner reading ‘Oystons Club killers get out now’ which flew above Bloomfield Road prior to their 4-0 defeat at home to Wigan – which essentially confirmed their relegation to League Two in 2016. Yet perhaps their most memorable protest was on the last day of the season when in the second half of their game against Huddersfield they left the stands for a sit-in demonstration on the pitch’s centre circle. 

After an hour without them budging, the game had to be abandoned.  

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Did fans even manage to get their message lit up on the Blackpool Tower or is this Photoshop handiwork?

Cardiff City protests
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Feeling blue… 

The clue is in their nickname: The bluebirds. Cardiff City are blue and proud. That is until 2012, when their superstitious new owner Vincent Tan, decided to change the strip from their beloved blue to red. Why? Well the Malaysian businessman stood strong in his belief that it would bring the club good fortune. 

He didn’t stop there. The club’s badge saw the bluebird replaced with a dragon. It’s fair to say this did not go down well. Protest after protest came and went. Fans promised to stay away from the ground, banners were held high on marches. And yet the blues sorry, reds marched on. 

Tan tried to smooth things over and give free (red) scarfs away to fans, it wasn’t overwhelmingly successful and in the build up to the two year anniversary of this generous gift, fans were planning a Blue Tuesday protest at a home game against Brighton where fans would be encouraged to turn out in their finest blue hues. 

Tan retaliated by delivering a Christmas message (yep actually on Christmas Day, 2014) telling the fans, they would be sticking with red. Yet just a few weeks later – and before Blue Tuesday took place, fan power eventually won out, with Tan doing a U-turn and finally reverting back to blue. 

Refugees Welcome banner
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Refugees Welcome

It’s late August 2015, and the height of the refugee crisis in Southern Europe. With tensions high, and opinion polarized on the best way to manage the huge humanitarian and logistical challenge at hand, Germany’s football fans made their opinions clear for all to see.

Supporters from various Bundesliga clubs held up banners that read “Refugees Welcome” at their teams’ matches, with Borussia Dortmund even inviting 220 refugees along to watch the game. But it didn’t stop there. Bayern Munich soon announced it would raise €1 million to help refugees arriving in Europe, and it set up a training camp for the many refugees arriving in the city. 

This show of solidarity spread to other countries, with English clubs at all levels from Arsenal to Bacup Borough in the North West Counties League participating in a ‘day of action’.  

Football League Fan of the Year 2016 winner Oskar Mycroft
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Kids at heart

Think fan power only comes into force when people are angry? Well, to finish things off we’ve got a couple of altogether more warming stories for you. 

In January 2016, nine-year-old Everton fan George Shaw, was allowed onto the pitch at half-time during Everton’s game against Swansea. The superfan has cerebral palsy but that didn’t stop him getting hold of a ball, seeing the goal mouth in sight so taking aim, firing and scoring at Goodison Park. The fans celebrated as it if was a winning goal. Then just a few weeks later he was awarded the club’s goal of the month award beating Aaron Lennon, Kevin Mirallas and Ross Barkley in the process. 

Elsewhere, when it comes to the Football League’s Fan of the Year award you might think it would go to a fan that had spent the previous 50 years following their team through thick and thin. Instead at the 2016 event it went to an eight year old. 

Bristol City obsessed Oskar Pycroft found himself was awarded the trophy, yet that wasn’t the only time he’d been able to celebrate. The school boy with cerebral palsy was told that if he was going to be able to walk he'd require surgery in USA. Which would cost £70,000. Fans came together to help raise the funds - including not only the red half of Bristol but their rivals Bristol Rovers too. 

Post operation, he was back at Ashton Gate, leading his favourite team out and this time walking. 

Best Books: Celebs reveal their top reads for #LovetoRead

A great writer once said, "You can get everything you need from a good book."

Ok, we lied - we said it. But still, it's basically true.

Don't take our word for it though. The celebs in this video have run their a-list fingers along the spines in their bookshelves and picked out their absolute top reads for the BBC's Love to Read campaign, which - what do you know? - starts today...

Love to Read - the Launch

Sexuality: Does it matter who we sleep with?

Attitudes to sexuality are changing. With nearly half of 18-24 year-olds identifying as something other than straight, what do these shifts in attitude mean for the categories that were the norm for previous generations?

Sexuality statistics

UFC 204: Meet UFC's cup of 'Hot Chocolate'

Danny 'Hot Chocolate' Roberts

No better way to instill fear into your opponent than by naming yourself 'Hot Chocolate', right?...

Hmm maybe not, but we were keen to find out why UFC fighter Danny Roberts decided to give himself the rather odd nickname of 'Hot Chocolate'.

UFC 204: UK fighters' favourite things about their hometowns

London may be the capital city, but MMA talent is born across the country. Check out what these top UFC fighters have to say about their hometowns in a throwback to their roots and heritages...

UK fighters talk about their hometowns

UFC 204: Bisping's in fighting spirit at weigh in

UFC 204: Bisping shouts out to a crowd of Manchester fans at the weigh ins

Excited to be fighting in Manchester, local lad Michael Bisping wasted no time pumping up the crowd ahead of his bout with Dan Henderson tonight.

The Gossip: Is 'lucky' Liam about to have a baby with Cheryl?

Liam Payne and Cheryl
Getty Images

'The luckiest man in the world'

It's Liam Payne, according to his Twitter bio. 

He's changed it in the last few days sparking wild rumour about babies and Cheryl. 

Why? Because his girlfriend Cheryl appeared in a L'Oreal advert with a "fuller face".  

Liam Payne's Twitter bio
Liam Payne/Twitter

We've checked NHS guidance and "fuller face" is not one of the top five pregnancy symptoms. But fans are speculating about it anyway.

Liam would be the second 1D dad after Louis. We look forward to seeing the pair shopping for bibs and complaining about lack of sleep.

Ariana's baabyy revealed 

Ariana Grande on stage
Getty Images

Ariana Grande seemingly got in a right old mood during an interview on US radio with Ryan Seacrest.

It's all because of this picture, captioned simply "baabyyy" by AG...

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Ariana posted it last week and nearly a million fans have liked it.

But she doesn't want to talk about. The man in the pic? It's Malcolm. 

Better known as Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller... her rumoured boyfriend.   

Seacrest asked her what sounded like a perfectly reasonable question about the cuddle (on the floor, legs in the air) and its significance.

"Is that what I did? Is that what Instagram means to you now? OK world let's go," she replied. Fans are calling her rude and obnoxious. 

Malcolm's saying nothing. So here's a picture of him from Lollapalooza 2016. 

Mac Miller
Getty Images
It's not an iced coffee

Another day, another Kanye-related RANT

Kanye West and Kid Cudi
Getty Images
Kanye and Kid Cudi (left, centre) when times were G.O.O.D

Except this time Yeezy's on the receiving end thanks to an outburst from Kid Cudi.

Kanye says he feels "hurt and disrespected" after he was called a "fake" by his fellow rapper.

Cudi promised to "crush" the "clowns".

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Speaking to the crowd during a gig Kanye hit back: "Kid Cudi, don't ever mention Ye's name, I birthed you."   

Back in 2008 Kanye signed Cudi to his Good music label imprint after hearing his mixtape. 

Three years ago Cudi left on pretty bad terms, claiming Kanye had used his vocals on Yeezus without permission. 

But the pair recently collaborated on The Life of Pablo, so things had looked good again... 

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