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    Video caption: Weight loss and mental health: 'Food has been my happiness'

    The BBC followed India, 28, before and after gastric sleeve surgery.

  2. Man v Fat: Football league giving points for winning and weight loss

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    Video caption: New Bournemouth football league awarding points for winning and losing weight.
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    Video caption: National Food Strategy: 'Junk food cycle must be broken'

    Henry Dimbleby led an independent review into the food we eat, which suggests sugar and salt should be taxed.

  4. Living with Obesity: Stories of Stigma

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    Video caption: Reporter Jeremy Cooke talks to some those who are living with obesity.

    New research has found those living with obesity are 50% more likely to develop chronic kidney disease.

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    Video caption: Boris Johnson on TV ban for some foods to tackle obesity

    The costs of the NHS dealing with obesity in the UK are "vast" and it was time to "get a grip on it", says the PM.

  6. Obesity: The Post Mortem

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    Video caption: A specialist pathology team conducts a post-mortem on the body of a 17-stone woman.

    Documentary investigating the dangers of fat to the human body by following a pathology team as they conduct a post-mortem on a woman whose body was donated to medical science.