1. Escaping Delhi's toxic air

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    Video caption: Should the government take stricter action against pollution?
  2. Health for the People

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    Video caption: An investigation by Robert Reid into the National Health Service in Salford.

    Robert Reid trudges around a grimy and polluted Salford in 1955 to remind us just how much of a profound effect on the nation's health the NHS had. (1955)

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    Video caption: BBC Young Reporter: The River Lugg pollution problem

    Young Reporter Georgia Helme investigates the impact of pollution in the River Lugg.

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    Video caption: "More than 250,000 babies in the UK are born in toxic air hotspots every year."

    According to Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, one baby is born every two minutes into toxic air in the UK due to 29% of hospitals being located in polluted areas.

  5. Arnie’s way to terminate climate change

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    Video caption: It takes guts to go green, according to California's former governor.

    The actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, invites the BBC's Tom Heap to Hollywood to talk about saving the planet from climate catastrophe.

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    Video caption: Ros Atkins on... India's climate challenge

    A look at how India is trying to balance banishing poverty with meeting its climate commitments.