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Two held after trouble flares outside Chinese takeaway

Two men have been arrested after a fight broke out outside a takeaway, police said. Officers were called to Gateshead High Street just after 22:40 on Sunday after reports a 44-year-old man was attacked with a bottle. The victim had been in the takeaway when he got into an altercation with two men and trouble continued outside, a Northumbria Police spokesman said. The victim was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries to his stomach and police are trying to trace other men involved in the fight.

Northumbria Police
Northumbria Police

Date set for police and crime commissioner by-election

A date's been confirmed for when voters will go to the polls to choose the next Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner.

Dame Vera Baird is standing down from the role after being appointed as the new victims' commissioner.

She was the UK solicitor general and Labour MP for Redcar before becoming Northumbria's first PCC in 2012.

The vacancy has now been declared and the notice of election will be published on Thursday.

If it is contested, voting will be on 18 July with the result announced in Sunderland the following day.

Anyone who has not yet registered to vote should do so by 2 July.

Dame Vera Baird, who was appointed Northumbria's first PCC in 2012.

Warning over fraudsters using TV licence emails

Northumbria Police is warning the public to be aware of TV Licensing phishing emails that are currently circulating. Officers have had reports that members of the public are receiving emails with links to a convincing-looking website.

It then requests that people enter their personal details. They are then contacted by fraudsters who claim to be from a department of the bank people are registered with.

TV Licensing have provided some further advice in relation to this issue on their website here.

Police appeal for help over Sunderland-Coventry disorder

Police investigating trouble at Sunderland's home game with Coventry in April have released images of four men they want to trace.

Eight arrests were made after the game on 13 April with a further five people having been ejected from the Stadium of Light over their behaviour.

Northumbria Police has now released images of men believed to be Coventry supporters who they want to speak to.

Montage of men police want to trace
Northumbria Police

Police apologise over failings

Police have apologised to the family of a woman murdered by two convicted killers for failing to share information.

Failings by police and the probation service 'possibly contributed' to the death of Quyen Ngoc Nguyen Sunderland coroner Derek Winter said.

Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Bacon, Northumbria Police’s safeguarding lead, said: "We have apologised to the family for failing to share information with the Probation Service and I do so again publically.

“This was an extremely tragic case in which Ms Nguyen was murdered by two manipulative and callous individuals, who are now in prison serving whole-life terms.

“We acknowledge the findings of the inquest and following this case we carried out a review of how we share information with the Probation Service.

"As a result, improvements have already been made, which includes introducing an enhanced electronic flagging system – with additional measures – to ensure all relevant information is identified and appropriately shared.

“I want to reassure the coroner, our partner agencies and the communities we serve that Northumbria Police is committed to ensuring we have systems in place to manage offenders through effective risk assessment and information sharing.”

Social media trespassers arrest warning

People who break into derelict or abandoned buildings to take photos for social media could be arrested, police warn.

A number of dedicated social media pages have been sharing pictures taken on private property.

Photos from inside the former General Hospital on Westgate Road in Newcastle were posted online last week.

Intruders also took pictures inside old nursing accommodation on the same site.

These buildings are closed to the public for a reason and many are structurally unsafe or contain hazardous materials, including asbestos. Those who force entry to these sites could be putting themselves at risk and so we are urging people to stop.

We are aware of some groups on social media that have been set up to show people inside these buildings. This could inspire other people to follow their lead but we want to make it clear that trespassing on these sites is illegal.

Neighbourhood Insp Alan DavisonNorthumbria Police

'Nothing can bring my sister back now'

Outside court following the conclusion of the inquest, Quyen Ngoc Nguyen's sister Quynh said the police and probation service "should have carried out procedures more strictly and earlier" to prevent her sibling's death.

She said: "It's too late for my family now. At least a better system can help other families to prevent other such tragedies.

"Nothing can bring my sister back now, the suffering from her death is unbearable and has hugely affected our family members physically and mentally.

"I was hoping that there would be some support for victims of crime, because we have to carry on with our lives, but we have had no support from anywhere over the last two years".