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Holiday-maker 'just ran' as Greek earthquake struck

Liz Ellis

Presenter, BBC Radio Stoke

A woman from Stoke-on-Trent says she was terrified as a powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck where she was on holiday in Greece.

The quake left a big crack on the jetty of the port at Zakynthos

Nobody was injured by the tremor, which happened early this morning south of the island of Zakynthos, but there was significant damage to the local port.

A series of aftershocks were felt in the hours after the quake and local schools were shut for the day.

Shauna Robinshaw, from Blurton, is holidaying on the island and says there was panic when it struck.

The whole room was shaking, furniture was moving, there were cracks in the building. People's sinks and toilets have broken, tiles have broken, water was coming out of the swimming pool and I just ran. I said we need to get out and we ran."

Shauna RobinshawHolidaymaker