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    Video caption: Rupert Murdoch: How his comeback changed world politics

    After the phone-hacking scandal, Rupert Murdoch's involvement in the US elections and the Brexit vote will see political relevance return.

  2. In today's newspapers: End of an era

    The move by Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox to sell its 39% stake in Sky to Comcast - ending the media mogul's association with the satellite broadcaster after almost three decades - is the lead for the Financial Times and also the main story in the business section of the Times and the Daily Telegraph.

    The Daily Mail leads with the "Breakdown at the AA" , covering the fall in profits at the motorist organisation.

    The Guardian says that Uber and courier firms are to be called to give evidence to MPs.

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  3. Sky loss will not diminish Murdoch's influence

    Today Programme

    BBC Radio 4

    Rupert Murdoch

    Although Rupert Murdoch didn't win the race to buy the rest of Sky, it doesn't mean his political influence has diminished.

    Stewart Purvis, professor of television journalism at City University who spent some time at the regulator Ofcom, tells the Today programme: "The pay-TV business was very, very successful, very wealth creating, quite truth it didn't come with much political influence.

    "I saw at first hand during my time at Ofcom how governments of the day did not want to fall out with Sky over issues affecting Sky. They will still be wary of his power in the media."

  4. Blind bidding costs Comcast

    Today Programme

    BBC Radio 4


    So the fight for Sky finally ended at the weekend with Comcast emerging victorious.

    However, Comcast paid much more than Rupert Murdoch's Fox offered for the broadcaster.

    Liberum media analyst Ian Whittaker tells BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "A lot of that had to do with the nature of the auction. It was a very, very unusual auction. The Takeover Panel had effectively said 'there will be a blind auction. Fox will go first. Comcast will go second and then they will have a look at the bids and see who won'.

    "So if you're Comcast, you obviously don't know what Fox has actually bid for Sky so it effectively becomes game theory."