'I was told I could never conceive naturally,' says Lauryn Goodman
Model Lauryn Goodman, who has endometriosis, describes finding out she was pregnant at five months.

More awareness urged over impact of endometriosis

BBC Hereford and Worcester

A woman from Worcester who is affected by endometriosis says there needs to be more awareness of it.


The condition affects one in 10 women and can cause debilitating pain, extremely heavy periods and sometimes infertility.

More than 13,500 women have taken part in BBC research revealing the devastating effect of endometriosis.

Today, following the BBC's findings, MPs have announced the launching of an inquiry into the condition.

Kayleigh Fletcher, 23, from Worcester, told the BBC more people need to know about it as she only found out what it was when she had to go to A&E for help.

I got my period when I was 14 and it was just incredibly heavy. It would last like eight days, sometimes I'd have to stay home from school because it was really bad pain as well, really bad period pain."

Kayleigh FletcherWorcester woman

MP joins call for inquiry into endometriosis

Nisha Joshi

BBC broadcast journalist

A North East politician is leading a campaign for better care and awareness of endometriosis.

Redcar MP Anna Turley has the disease, which affects one in 10 women and causes the womb lining to grow in other parts of the body.

She has joined calls from MPs for an inquiry following BBC research looking into the hidden toll for those with the condition, which often goes unmentioned because it involves heavy and painful periods.

Endometriosis can also lead to infertility.

Anna Turley
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