Child abuse

  1. Mother and Baby Homes

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    Video caption: Mother and baby homes: were children unlawfully adopted? Lyndsey Telford reports.

    Lyndsey Telford investigates what happened inside Northern Ireland’s mother and baby homes and hears exclusively from a Protestant home survivor.

  2. RoseAnne Archibald, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Canada

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    Video caption: RoseAnne Archibald talks about the treatment of indigenous children in Canadian schools.

    Stephen Sackur speaks to RoseAnne Archibald. The truth about the deaths of thousands of indigenous children in schools infamous for abuse and neglect has shocked the world.

  3. Pervert Park

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    Video caption: A film about the everyday lives of sex offenders struggling to reintegrate into society.

    A Storyville documentary following the everyday lives of sex offenders, living in a trailer-park community and struggling to reintegrate into society.

  4. Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island: Garenne

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    Video caption: How the revelation of Jersey's child abuse scandal divided its community.

    A Storyville documentary that examines the repercussions of the child abuse scandal that erupted on Jersey in 2007 and the role played by two bloggers in forcing the island to confront its past.

  5. Uncovering Canada’s Buried Past

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    Video caption: The story of thousands of indigenous children, forced into residential schools in Canada.
  6. Who’s Protecting Our Kids?

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    Video caption: Mariella Frostrup investigates increasing reports of abuse and rape among teenagers.

    Mariella Frostrup meets teenage girls who say they have been abused, assaulted or raped by teenage boys, and asks whether we should be doing more to protect our children.