The Nigerian business winning awards for its recycling idea

Residents in Lagos win prizes and money for handing over waste
Wecyclers is a recycling company that’s picked up an international award in Belgium. It uses a fleet of bikes to collect waste from the poor neighbourhoods in Lagos. In return, it gives households points they can redeem for prizes, as an incentive. Wale Adebiyi, the company's chief operating officer, told Newsday how the collection system works.

(Picture: Wecyclers collecting waste in Lagos. Credit: Nyacho/Arete)
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Anger over Lagos 'missing manhole cover death'

Daniel Semeniworima

BBC Pidgin, Lagos

Many Nigerians are using the hashtag #RIPWura on social media to mourn a woman who was found dead in a canal on Sunday in Lagos after she is thought to have fallen down an uncovered manhole.

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Adewura Bello, a 26-year-old accounting graduate, went missing in Lagos 11 days before she was found in the canal.

Uncovered manholes are a common sight in Lagos, where it is believed thieves steal the covers.

Social media users are using Ms Bello's death to call out the government for failing to recover them.

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A relative of Ms Bello told BBC Pidgin that the family was still trying to retrieve her body so they could not fix a date for her burial.

The police have said an autopsy must be conducted to confirm the identity and circumstances of death.

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