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TV documentary to celebrate Sir Ken Dodd


The life of Liverpool comedian Sir Ken Dodd is to be told in a new BBC documentary.

Sir Ken Dodd
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Ken Dodd: How Tickled We Were will tell his story from his childhood and his break into show business.

The programme will feature interviews with his friends, colleagues and admirers as well as with his wife Lady Anne Dodd.

It will be broadcast on BBC Two later this year.

Sir Ken died at the age of 90 in March.

Lady Dodd commissions an image of the late comedian as a gift to his home town
Lady Dodd commissions a sculpture of the late comedian as a gift to his hometown.
Hundreds of people came out to say goodbye to Sir Ken Dodd
Comedians and friends pay tribute to Liverpool legend Sir Ken Dodd at his funeral.

Sir Ken Dodd: Funeral ends with Diddy Men escort for coffin

The funeral service for Sir Ken Dodd has ended - in true Doddy style, it played out in front of a packed house and overran by half an hour.

Diddy Men at Sir Ken Dodd's funeral

Over 2,000 were inside the cathedral, with hundreds more watching on a big screen from the outside.

Sir Ken's coffin was accompanied by six Diddy Men as it left the cathedral, ahead of a private interment.

Diddy Men at Sir Ken Dodd's funeral
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Diddy Men at Sir Ken Dodd's funeral

Sir Ken Dodd: Absent Friends played at funeral

Rev Julia Jesson, the vicar at St John the Evangelist Knotty Ash, led a prayer before Sir Ken Dodd's song Absent Friends was played to the cathedral.

The final hymn of the service was How Great Thou Art.

Sir Ken Dodd: Donations to support Merseyside's homeless

A request in the order of service for Sir Ken Dodd's funeral asks mourners who wish to make a donation in memory of the comic to "make your contribution directly to a charity dedicated to helping the homeless on Merseyside".

The document states this was sir Ken's "specific request".

Sir Ken Dodd: Liverpool 'was the place he loved to be'

Canon Myles Davies, acting Dean of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral said Sir Ken Dodd was always happy in Liverpool and there was "never any doubt that this was the place he loved to be".

He added that the comedian "brought us so much happiness [and] he will always be lovingly remembered".

Sir Ken Dodd: Comic 'never liked his show to finish on the same day it started'

Canon Myles Davies has told Liverpool Anglican Cathedral that Sir Ken Dodd "would be so pleased - and humbled too - how people in his home city have poured out their tributes".

However, he said, Sir Ken would not be pleased with one aspect of his funeral:

He said he never liked his show to finish on the same day it started but as this one proceeds, and I've got pretty tight control of it, I'm pretty sure you won't be missing the last bus home.

Sir Ken Dodd: 'Complete comedian, greatest entertainer, loyal friend'

John Fisher completed his tribute to Sir Ken Dodd by telling Liverpool Anglican Cathedral he was "the complete comedian, the greatest entertainer, a loyal friend".

Sir Ken Dodd's funeral
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He said:

We'll never see the like of Ken Dodd again.

Thank you Sir Ken, tatty bye.