Sugar tax

Drinking OJ

James Gallagher

Health and science correspondent, BBC News

A study suggests a link for both fizzy pop and fruit juices, although the reason is not clear.

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Boris Johnson on milkshake tax
Boris Johnson has told a leadership hustings in Exeter that he wants to see more work done on getting children to exercise rather than introducing a sugar tax for milkshakes.

Hands off my sweets!

Why making low-sugar versions of childhood favourites is so tricky
Confectionery companies are under huge pressure to make sweets with less sugar. But how do you replace or reduce this key ingredient without upsetting fiercely loyal customers? Pallavi Joshi, from Nestle's global confectionery team, tells Simon Tulett its latest experiment with one of its most popular products had mixed results.
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'Debate about sugar levels'

BBC Radio 5 Live


Toby McKeever, interim chief operating officer of Lucozade Ribena Suntory, has been speaking to Radio 5 Live's Wake Up To Money about the company's decision to reduce sugar levels in its drinks two years ago.

He said the changes to reduce sugar were underway before the sugar tax was introduced last year.

Sales of Lucozade Energy are up 5%, Lucozade Sport up by 14% and Ribena Light up 6% since the sugar tax was introduced.

"There's a big debate in society about health and about sugar levels. We have to make that sure we keep the conversation balanced. We talk a lot about calories in being the issue but an equal issue is calories out".