Trump travel ban

Can Trump stop the migrant caravan?

A migrant caravan heading for the US border is generating heated debate over immigration
Thousands of asylum seekers are currently passing through Mexico on their way to the US border. They claim to be escaping drug-related violence at home and that they want to build a new life in America.

US President Donald Trump though believes the so-called migrant caravan has been infiltrated by what he described in a tweet as "some very bad people", including gang members. He may also look to change the US constitution to abolish the automatic right to citizenship through birth.

Our regular commentator, economist Irwin Stelzer, said the immigration issue may have to pass through America's top courts before it gets resolved.
Donald Trump: Travel ban ruling 'a tremendous victory'
Donald Trump has welcomed a US Supreme Court decision in favour of his travel ban targeting people from several Muslim-majority countries.