Black Lives Matter

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Students are signing up for a black studies course at a university that says it is the first in Europe to offer the subject at degree level.
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BBC Minute: On Jay-Z’s Trayvon Martin documentary

Shawn Carter executive produced Rest in Power
The first episode of Jay-Z's documentary series on the killing of Trayvon Martin premiered in the United States, receiving a huge response on social media. #TrayvonMartinStory was a huge trend in the United States as episode one was broadcast.

Jay-Z says, “People have to really see this. They have to see it again and they have to see it with facts and details, because people don’t really believe it.” George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter in the case. 

(Photo: Trayvon Martin's father attends a Million Hoodies March for his son in New York City, March 2012, Credit: John Moore/Getty Images)