The Mafia tried to kill me

A national park director in Sicily describes his close shave
A national park director in Sicily, Giuseppe Antoci, describes a close shave last year when local mafia tried to assassinate him. He says he angered them by simply doing his job, trying to stop them stealing parkland at the Parco dei Nebrodi.

(Picture: Car of national park director Antoci with bullet holes, with an inset picture of Mr Antoci; Credit: Giuseppe Romeo/Antenna del Mediterraneo)
Frank Cali killing: Scene outside home of New York 'mob boss'
Frank Cali, the reputed head of the Gambino crime family, has been gunned down outside his house in New York.

How dirty money is cleaned

What methods criminals use to make their ill gotten gains legitimate
When a criminal suddenly makes a lot of money, it can be hard to explain. So they have to find a way of making the dirty cash look clean. Tom Keatinge, director of the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), explains the process to The Real Story's Ruth Alexander.
Image: Russian dolls. Credit: Getty Images
Rome police seize mafia bling in Casamonica villas
In a dawn raid 600 Rome police seized eight villas owned by the Casamonica clan.