Catholic church: The youngest parish priest in Ireland
Fr Conor McGrath, 32, tells BBC News NI what drew him to the priesthood and what his job involves.

Nuns and Tech: 'You have no choice'

A Catholic convent is trying to limit the use of technology in their lives
Do you feel like you need a digital detox? Instead of paying for an expensive retreat to unplug, we discovered an unusual place actively trying to minimise the use of technology.

A hundred metres away from London's famous Oxford Street - a bustling shoppers paradise - is the Tyburn Convent. Mother Hildegarde, the convent’s secretary general, and her fellow nuns strive to live a life of silence and prayer. But as the BBC's Tamasin Ford found out, the digital world is slowly creeping into the nuns' lives.

(Image: Mother Hildegarde. Credit: BBC)
Isle of Wight monastery offers spiritual internships
The Isle of Wight monastery offering internships to help young believers establish a 'lasting spiritual foundation'.

Tattooing The Last Supper

Would you ink a Da Vinci on your arm?
Dolce Guevara is a tattoo artist in Los Angeles. A Last Supper tattoo takes her 24 hours to complete, doing 8 or 9 hours at a time every session.
Listen to her give client Abraham Muñoz a Last Supper that stretches from his wrist to his shoulder. 

Some Catholics consider tattooing to be sinful, according to believer Muñoz – so what makes a Last Supper tattoo so sacred to him?

Notre Dame: ‘The Catholics need the Muslims’

Why French Muslims love Notre Dame too
Dalil Boubakeur is the rector for the Great Mosque of Paris, and has spoken out since the April fire about the role Muslims should play in its reconstruction.

The Virgin Mary is also venerated in Islam – appearing in the Qur’an as ‘Maryam’ – and her son Jesus is considered to be the prophet who preceeded Muhammad.

Boubakeur explains how it could be France’s Muslims – rather than its atheists – who are in the best position to unite with Catholics in their mission to rebuild France’s famous cathedral. 

(Photo credit: Getty Images)