Prison escapes

Serial burglar escapes from open prison

Jason Sufi,
Metropolitan Police

Police are trying to trace a man wanted in connection with a "spree of burglaries" committed after he escaped from prison.

Jason Sufi, 39, was reported missing when he failed to return for evening roll call at HMP Springhill an open prison in Buckinghamshire.

He was last seen walking along the main road outside the prison on 20 February.

Sufi is wanted in connection with eight burglaries and a violent robbery, all committed in London, as well as Kent, Hampshire, Cambridgeshire, Thames Valley, Wiltshire and Surrey.

Sufi is described as a white man, approximately 5ft 6ins tall, dark hair and of medium build. He is generally well kept.

Acting Detective Sergeant Ross Burrell, from Central West Crime Squad said: “Since escaping from prison, Sufi has gone on a spree of committing residential burglaries in the capital and south east counties.

"Colleagues from other forces have issued appeals to find him and carried out extensive enquiries but as yet he has not been traced."

Jason Sufi,
Metropolitan Police
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