Potato farmers want payout from PepsiCo
Indian potato farmers want "compensation for harassment and intimidation" from US giant PepsiCo.

Copyright rules adopted

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New European Union rules which hold tech firms responsible for material posted without copyright permission that were voted in last month have now been adopted by EU countries.

"The new rules ensure adequate protection for authors and artists, while opening up new possibilities for accessing and sharing copyright-protected content online throughout the European Union," the European countries said.

Additional cost

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Copyright laws which critics say could change the internet have been voted in by the European Parliament and make tech firms responsible for material posted without copyright permission.

Eoin Murray, head of investment at Hermes Investment Management, said: "This might lead to some additional costs," he told Wake Up To Money.

He wondered if they might pass on those costs to consumers.

'Hurt creative and digital economies'

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This is from Google in response to the EU copyright laws.

“The EU Copyright Directive is improved but will still lead to legal uncertainty and will hurt Europe’s creative and digital economies. The details matter, and we look forward to working with policymakers, publishers, creators and rights holders as EU member states move to implement these new rules.”