No decision yet on mass testing of international students at Scottish universities

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Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie says up to 50,000 international students will be travelling to Scottish universities over the next few weeks, many of them from "virus hot-spots" including the United States.

He asks whether Nicola Sturgeon agrees with one of her advisers, Prof Devi Sridhar, who recommends mass testing of students on arrival, and again five days later.

The first minister says the government remains in discussions with universities about the risk of importation of the virus - "probably the biggest risk we face over the medium term" - and Prof Sridhar's recommendations are being considered "very carefully".

The government has not reached a final conclusion with universities yet, but she hopes to provide an update in the next few days.

Ms Sturgeon says the requirement to quarantine is the most important thing, and while the UK government is exploring alternatives, testing "is not a magical solution" because of the incubation period of the virus.