First Date | Life Of A Cat Mum

I am VERY supportive of my cat's dating life.
Sarah is a VERY supportive mother... to her cat. 

As her pet cat prepares for a first date, Sarah does everything she can to be there for her and make sure it's perfect and she's not overbearing at all...
Kitten born with two faces in Oregon
The animal, knows as a Janus cat, has been named Biscuits and Gravy - or just Biscuits for short.
Coronavirus: 'Think twice before getting a lockdown puppy'
A Carmarthenshire shelter fears a rise in abandoned puppies as people return to work after lockdown.
Coronavirus: The volunteers training guide dogs in lockdown
Volunteers are helping to train guide dogs in their own home during coronavirus restrictions.

RSPCA West Hatch rescue dogs are re-homed

Several dogs being cared for by RSPCA West Hatch have been re-homed with foster families around the county.

The wildlife charity said some of the dogs were getting stressed with kennel life so they found some foster families to look after them.

Here's some lovely photos of Fudge with his new 'mum and dad'.

You seem to be loving your new home Fudge...

RSPCA West Hatch