Young carers

'I run my own karate class'
Bethan's only 16 years old but she already has her own karate club to help other young carers like herself.

Young carers to be given support thanks to cash lifeline

A grant of more than £10,000 has been awarded to help young carers in South Lakeland.

The money from South Lakeland Local Committee will go to Carer Support South Lakes.

It plans to develop a network of trained teaching and pastoral staff to help youngsters aged five to 11-years old, and 12 to 19-year-olds in schools and colleges across the area.

A report said that young carers take on family responsibilities at a young age which means that they not only lose out on childhood but miss out on vital school work and training, which can negatively impact their later life.

The support group helps young at schools in Kendal, Windermere, Cartmel, Grange and Coniston.

The report said: "Young carers will be identified at an earlier stage which means they will be less likely to reach crisis point and will be able to more fully engage in their education.”

At 13 years old Jaiden is his mum's only carer
Jaiden has cared for his mother, who has lupus and various health complaints, since he was a small boy.