20,000 New Year's Eve fireworks tickets to go on sale


The final 20,000 tickets for London's New Year Eve fireworks will go on sale next Thursday, City Hall has announced.

A global television audience will be watching as more than 100,000 ticket-holders gather opposite the London Eye to welcome in the new decade in style.

More than 12,000 fireworks are expected to be set off.

Tickets must be purchased in advance to attend the fireworks and are priced at £10.

Ambulance made emergency stop after hit by firework

An ambulance driver on his way to a call was forced to put on his brakes after a lit firework thrown at a car exploded, "sending the brightly coloured projectiles showering onto the windscreen".

A spokesman for the service said the incident on Saturday night near Finsbury Park involved a group of youths, one of whom threw the firework.

The ambulance wasn't damaged apart from some residue on its windscreen.

The paramedic behind the wheel said: "This was a close call for me and my crewmates as a firework was aimed towards our ambulance and exploded as I drove on blue lights and sirens to an incident.

"Behaviour like this causes accidents and endangers people's lives - ours included."

After making the emergency stop the crew composed themselves before heading on.