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    Video caption: Priyanka Dewan: The roller-skating star who beat disability stigma

    Priyanka Dewan was born with intellectual disability, but it didn't stop her from becoming a sports star.

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    Video caption: Sarika Kale: The sports star who could afford just one meal a day

    Sarika Kale's says she survived on instant noodles and chutney for years because that's all she could afford.

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    Video caption: 'I became famous for wrestling boys'

    Divya Kakran, a young Indian wrestler, dreams of making history at the Olympics.

  4. The small Kingdom that's kept coronavirus at bay

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    Video caption: Bhutan has only had one death since the pandemic started

    Bhutan is a small, landlocked nation sitting in the Himalayas between China and India and has only had one death since the pandemic started.