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Red Arrows fly home over Suffolk after Farnborough Airshow
An engineer films from a plane on the trip from Farnborough to RAF Scampton near Lincoln.
Wing-walking at the Farnborough Airshow
Three women who do gymnastics on a plane explain the challenges of performing at height.

Juggernauts of the skies

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Teaching the elite to fly helicopters
State of the art airborne classrooms to help test pilots perfect their helicopter flying skills.

Plane sailing

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BBC Business Reporter, Farnborough Airshow

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We reported their bad news, so it seems fair to report their good news.

Japan's Mitsubishi Aircraft suffered a little embarrassment yesterday when a showpiece flying display was cancelled.

The company's much-anticipated (and long-delayed) MRJ90 suffered damage caused by a tow truck at the Farnborough Airshow.

It's still unclear exactly what damage was caused, but Mitsubishi has flown in some spare parts overnight.

The company promises that Japan's first passenger plane since the 1960s will be ready to wow the Farnborough crowds later on Wednesday.

Now, that's what you call just-in-time delivery.