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    Video caption: Radio 1's Live Lounge opens for another exclusive performance!

    Radio 1's Live Lounge opens for another exclusive performance!

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    Video caption: Dave Grohl on albums for kids' music education

    American musician Dave Grohl, spoke to the BBC about home schooling.

  3. Dave Grohl: 'Change is possible'

    Mark Savage

    Music reporter, BBC News

    Dave Grohl plays with Foo Fighters

    Later tonight, the Foo Fighters will join the likes of Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi at a televised concert marking Joe Biden's inauguration.

    The band were asked to play one song - Times Like These, from their 2003 album One By One - and frontman Dave Grohl says the choice made "perfect sense, because of everything our country has been through".

    "The song was written 18 years ago when I was at this crossroads in my life, questioning which way to go," he explains.

    "And as terrifying as that can seem at times, it's necessary to be hopeful when you have to start again.

    He continues: "This is a bit morbid - but whenever someone close to me has passed away, I've always found that you have to do everything in life once without them before you can move on. You have to learn to live again, you have to learn to love again.

    "So there's optimism in the lyric and I think it's something that the world needs a lot of now.

    "Change, as slowly as it may happen, is possible."

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    Video caption: Band brothers Endeavour play gig for dad in Cambridge hospital

    Gary Radley, 62, has motor neurone disease and asked his sons to perform at his bedside.

  5. Stay Home Live Lounge

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    Video caption: Download 'Times Like These' and donate:

    For full info and to find out how to download 'Times Like These' and donate:

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    Video caption: Firing up Stormzy's festival flames

    We look at why music stars are wanting bigger and more impressive special effects at their shows.

  7. The world’s largest rock band

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    Video caption: Fabio Zaffagnini brought 1,000 musicians together to attract the attention of Foo Fighters

    Fabio Zaffagnini brought 1,000 musicians together to attract the attention of Foo Fighters.

  8. Early Dave Grohl demo tape sold on eBay

    Dave Grohl

    A tape featuring 10 pre-Foo Fighters demos by Dave Grohl has sold on eBay for $565.55.

    On the auction website, the seller described the tape as a “rare cassette (purchased in 1994 via mail order) of songs that Dave Grohl demoed, some of which would be re-recorded for either Nirvana or the Foo Fighters."

    Originally called Pocketwatch, the collection of songs was later released under the name Late!

    They were recorded in 1992 when Dave was still the drummer in Nirvana but clearly future-proofing his musical career.

    He went on to form the Foos in 1994, following the death of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.

    The rest is rock 'n' roll history.

  9. Foo Fighters guitarist announces solo album

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    Channelling the looks of country legend Willie Nelson and rock star Bruce Springsteen and a sound not a million miles from his regular band, the Foos guitarist Chris Shiflett has announced his debut solo album.

    Check out Welcome To Your First Heartache from the album Hard Lessons which is due on 21 June.

    The album is produced by Dave Cobb who has won two Grammys for his work with country star Chris Stapleton.

    Chris is also playing a 10-date tour in the UK this spring. Wonder if he'll being any of his rock 'n' roll buddies along with him?...