Lift off for SpaceX rocket carrying 60 satellites
A Falcon-9 rocket launches from Florida, packed with 60 satellites capable of giving users on the ground high-speed connections to the internet.

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy conducts first commercial flight

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket lifts off on 11 April
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SpaceX has carried out its first commercial launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket, the world's most powerful rocket in operation.

It carried a communications satellite for Saudi-based telecom firm Arabsat.

Elon Musk's space company SpaceX has two operational rockets - the Falcon 9, which had 21 launches last year, and the Falcon Heavy, which is designed to lift far heavier payloads.

SpaceX nails triple booster landing after satellite delivery
Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy launched a satellite into orbit for a Saudi Arabian company.
SpaceX: Dragon capsule splashes down after ISS mission
SpaceX's capsule has splashed down after a week-long test mission to the International Space Station.