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    Video caption: Footage captures hoverboard battery exploding in Smethwick home

    Footage shows the moment a hoverboard battery explodes and sets fire to a room in a Smethwick house.

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    Video caption: Climate Change: £1.7bn renewable energy project for Swansea Bay

    The Blue Eden project would include a tidal lagoon and create 2,500 permanent jobs.

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    Video caption: Lithium mining technologies tested in Cornwall

    A company in Cornwall is testing different technologies to extract lithium from geothermal waters.

  4. The battery: One of the world's greatest inventions?

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    Video caption: The surprising history of one of the greatest ever inventions

    From ancient experiments to smartphones the battery’s evolution has been nothing but electric.

  5. Bin lorry fire possibly caused by discarded batteries

    A fire in a bin lorry might have been caused by batteries thrown out with household rubbish, Gateshead Council has said.

    The crew had to empty the load of rubbish beside the Western Bypass earlier when smoke was spotted coming from the vehicle on the A1 between the Metro Centre and Dunston.

    Two lanes had to be closed while the fire was put out.

    It is the third fire in recent weeks thought to have been caused by a cast out battery or battery-powered device.

    Last month, the Campground recycling centre in Wrekenton was closed by a serious fire.

    A fortnight later a similar fire broke out at the Middlefields Recycling Village in South Shields.

    Gateshead Council is asking people not to discard spent batteries in the bin but to recycle them safely.

    Pile of old batteries
    Quote Message: We are therefore urging the public never to throw old batteries or batter-operated devices like mobile phones into their bins.
    Quote Message: Instead, please dispose of batteries responsibly at battery recycling points in local shops, supermarkets and dozens of public buildings, at electrical retailers and other High Street stores." from Marc Morley Gateshead Council
    Marc MorleyGateshead Council
  6. 'Don't throw batteries in the bin'

    People are being warned not to throw batteries away with household waste following fire at a recycling.

    The Wrekenton recycling centre in Gateshead was closed after a serious fire which it is thought might have been caused by a battery.

    Last week a fire in South Shields was started by sparks from a phone battery which had been thrown into the waste.

    Marc Morley, from Gateshead Council, said: “Two fires in as many weeks show the very real dangers of throwing old phone or laptop batteries into the bin.

    “These types of batteries can hold a surprisingly powerful charge and when they are thrown into a bin there is a serious risk that they could be damaged and touch something metal, like the inside of the bin lorry or even an empty tin can. This is known to generate sparks which can ignite everything around it."

    Fire at Campgound site on March 1st