Father's funeral costs 'absolutely crushed' student
A student forced to borrow on credit cards to pay for her father's funeral wants changes to benefit rules.

Why are weddings and funerals capped at 20 people?

The Courier asks why a maximum of 20 people will be allowed to attend wedding and funeral ceremonies, where contact tracing could be easily carried out, when a beer garden can accommodate more than 20 strangers?

Nicola Sturgeon says a beer garden may have more than 20 people, but the group you are in should be limited in terms of households and numbers.

You are also probably not going to be hugging someone in a group which has nothing to do with yours, says the first minister.

At a wedding, where most people know each other really well, and are part of the same families or closely connected, "the tendency to maybe not stick to that, is potentially greater", she says.

"So it is about caution and being a bit more careful because of the context."

Ms Sturgeon says there are "lots of anomalies in what we’re doing right now" and while some measures won’t make perfect sense, "there is usually a bit of analysis behind it".

Coventry widow describes 'horrendous' funeral
The cost of cremations in the UK has continued to rise despite reduced services on offer during the pandemic.